Sarah Tyson Alfano

Social Media Manager

Sarah is the social media guru at SalterMitchell PR. Her expertise in targeted digital media has fueled numerous social media campaigns, and she routinely exceeds project goals for audience growth and engagement. Sarah is gifted in developing the brand voice for our clients on social media, establishing and maintaining their presence on digital channels, and identifying targeted content to drive engagement.


Before joining SalterMitchell PR in 2014, Sarah crafted and implemented social media strategy for tbt*, a Tampa Bay Times publication with a weekly circulation of 400,000. The social audience for tbt* grew eightfold during her tenure. Sarah draws from her experience as a reporter when researching new digital tools and producing creative, useful content for an audience.


Sarah leads and supports digitally-focused campaigns for clients including the Verizon, TC Federal Bank, National Awards4U, MacArthur Foundation, Florida Health Choices, the Independent Benefits Council, The Horizon Foundation, Washington Dental Service Foundation, and Weyerhaeuser (formerly Plum Creek). She graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication.